Clinic Procedures

exam roomWhen you come to the Clinic, you will be asked to sign in and provide some basic information as to the purpose of your visit:

  • Patients with appointments: As much as possible, we try to see you at your scheduled appointment time; however, because we deal with a complexity of issues, we cannot always predict the time it will take with a particular need. We ask for your understanding and patience.
  • Patients without appointments (drop-ins): All drop-in patients are triaged by the nurse. Drop-in patients may not be able to see their provider that evening, but every effort is made to address their need. This may be done by a referral to the Urgent Care clinic.
  • Prescription refills only: When you have one week of medication left, contact your pharmacy. If they say you have no refills remaining, ask them to fax a refill request to the Clinic. If you have not been seen recently nor had recent lab work done, the refill may be denied. If you are having problems with the pharmacy getting a refill, you may leave a message on the Advice Nurse line (answered twice a day by a Registered Nurse) at (415) 355-7560. Be prepared to wait 48-72 hours for a refill. If you cannot wait for a refill, you may be able to obtain a refill by dropping into the clinic on Tuesday evening. Clinic nurses will review your refill request with you and help get your refill when possible.
  • Documentation for Gender Reassignment Surgery: This can be provided at the discretion of the provider. Patients requesting such documentation must have an established, long-term relationship with Transgender Clinic providers.